Registration Information/ Forms



Add/ Drop Form This form may be used by students to submit class registration or changes.

Withdrawal Form Withdrawal Form is used during withdrawal period to drop a class.

Audit/Independent Study Form: This form can be used to register for all courses taken individually with an instructor.

Incomplete Grade Form: This form must be filled out by instructors for all students who receive Incomplete (I-Grade) for a term or semester.

Grade Change Form: This form must be submitted to the registrar's office with the approval signatures in order to change a grade.

Personal Information Change Form: This form is used when requesting for name changes.

Request for Online-only Status: This form is used whenever a student would like to request an Online-only Semester

Request for Annual Leave Semester: This form is used whenever a student would like to request an Annual Leave Semester

Request for Part-time Status for International Students: This form is used whenever an international student would like to request a Part-time Semester

Instructions for Digital forms in Synopsis for International Students for Leave Semester, Online-only status, Part-time Status

Request for a Reduced Course Load (only available for Health Issues, one time only, or Last Semester)

Student Dependent ID Card Application: This form is used to apply for a identification card for a student dependent

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This instruction contains specific information on how to register for classes online.


Final exams will be administered no later than the last day of the semester/term as noted by Instructors.

Students must plan travel, family visits, etc., in a way that will not interfere with their final exams. Less expensive air fares, more convenient travel arrangements, family events or activities, and any other non-emergency reasons are not considered justification for early or late final exams.

Exceptions to this policy are as follows and should be submitted in writing to the Dean of the college or school as soon as possible:

  • An activity sponsored by BYU-Hawaii which takes an individual or a team away from the campus at the time an examination is scheduled.
  • Emergency situations that are beyond the student's control.

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Graduation Application: Download this form, complete the blanks, obtain signatures, cap & gown measurements and then return to the Registrar's Office. See Policy and Procedures for Graduation.

If you find that you are in need of an additional semester to complete your coursework, please see your academic advisor to begin the appeal process for an additional semester in residence.

Call (808) 675-3730 if you have any questions.