Final Exam Schedule

Final Exam Schedules

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Final exams are to be offered on the specific day and time as determined by the official university exam schedule. Students must plan travel, family visits, etc., in a way that will not interfere with their final exams. Less expensive air fares, more convenient travel arrangements, family events or activities, and any other non-emergency reasons are not considered justification for early or late final exams. Appeals to this policy should be submitted in writing to the Dean of the college or school as soon as possible. If a specific class does not have a final exam date and time, please check with your instructor.


Note: Any student who has more than 3 exams the same day is eligible to have one rescheduled. Please work with your instructors or, if needed, talk with your dean.


Faculty should be aware that final exam times will follow a similar pattern from semester to semester, corresponding as closely as possible with the day and time when the class was scheduled, allowing students to meet other commitments and schedules.