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How to Defer-Fall 2021

July 2021

Aloha e BYU–Hawaii Student,

You may be considering deferring your enrollment due to having difficulty traveling to Laie, fulfilling the university immunization requirements, or dealing with other complexities that have arisen due to the COVID –19 pandemic. In our efforts to support you, we have considered legal and accreditation constraints and developed the following recommendations for the Fall 2021 semester. These options are for Fall 2021 only and may not be available in subsequent semesters.

Option 1

Defer your Fall 2021 enrollment at BYUH.
A deferment for the Fall 2021 semester, will not count towards your 4-year allotment. You can use this time to make appropriate arrangements to join us on campus in January 2022. To defer for the Fall 2021 semester please email the Registrar at

Option 2

Defer your enrollment and consider enrolling at another higher education institution for the Fall 2021 semester with the plan to transfer the credit(s) to BYUH when you return to campus in January 2022. If you choose this option, please work closely with your BYUH advisor to ensure that the courses you take and the credits you earn will count toward your degree requirements at BYU–Hawaii.

For this option, you may consider enrolling with BYU–Pathway Worldwide or BYU–Idaho for online courses. You should contact your BYU–Hawaii advisor for instructions on how to enroll if you choose this option. Please note that BYU–Pathway Worldwide or BYU–Idaho may not be available in some countries.

Option 3

Transfer to another institution that better suits your needs and current situation. 

If you have any concerns or questions feel free to send in an email and we will be happy to assist you. Take care and Aloha!

Daryl Whitford
BYU–Hawaii Registrar